(v.3.0) - Tradeworks 3 - 13th January 2018

Based on all the great feedback we have received we are now compiling a lot of changes, new features and fixes into one big release. We call it "Tradeworks 3".

In this article you can read a short summary of the new features we are introducing and some of the old features we are discontinuing. 



The release will take place for all users over the weekend of 13-14 January 2018.

Everyone with profiles in Tradeworks 2 will automatically be able to log in to Tradeworks 3 with the same username and password.

If you have logged into your current profile 1 September 2017 or later you will automatically have all your strategies and performance data migrated.

Finally, if you are currently using any of the discontinued features listed below, you can read more below to see what happens.



New design and new strategy layout

To improve navigation when building and editing a strategy, we are introducing a left side menu. Also, we have made it easier to navigate between the different menus with new shortcuts.

New Algo Editor

No more buttons to click, from now on, the Algo Editor will guess what you want to do. This makes the Algo Editor much easier to use - and you can even use your keyboard to write rules.

Arithmetic / Math expressions in rule logic

Looking for confirmation that the price is 5 pips above a moving average? Or looking to subtract one indicator from another? The options are endless and now fully supported in the new Algo Editor.

Time base rules

Looking to trade the first hour of the London trading session? Wait no longer. You can now specify exactly when you want each rule to be active.

Multiple concurrent backtests

You can now run backtests on as many strategies as you like at the same time. And your results are automatically stored for you so you can review them later.

Faster load speed

With users from all over the world we have done our best to improve the load speed of the application.

New languages

In addition to the existing list of supported languages Tradeworks 3 also supports Russian and Polish.


Discontinued features

Trade Timing Rules

With the introduction of combination logic (And, Or, Before, After) and parentheses, there is no longer need for Trade Timing Rules. If you have a strategy that uses Trade Timing Rules at the time of migration, the strategy will be migrated WITHOUT the Trade Timing Rule. 

Strategy Stop Loss

This rule type has been disabled several months ago. At the time of migration, if you have a strategy where it is still enabled it will be migrated WITHOUT the Strategy Stop Loss rule.

Maximum Exposure

The Maximum Exposure rule is a fantastic rule to ensure you don't take on too much risk. Due to a change several months ago, the only action this rule can take now is "Do not open any more trades". There used to be other options available. At the time of migration, if you have a strategy where any of these alternative options are still enabled it will be migrated with the default setting.


More information

If you need more information about the launch of Tradeworks 3 and the migration from version 2 to 3, please contact support@tradeworks.io. You can also read more about the new features in Tradeworks 3 in our blog post (link being added shortly).


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