Navigating on the Tradeworks platform

Tradeworks 2.0 has been released with many updates that will help you navigate the application much faster and thereby get much more value from our product. This article will highlight the different improvements and explain how to use them.



'Strategies' is the application 'homepage' the page where you can find everything trading related. There are 3 page-views: My Strategies, Open Trades and Historical Trades. 



My Strategies is where you can see all your trading strategies, create new ones and review historical performance history/analytics.

To review or edit one of your strategies simply click the name of the trading strategy which will take you directly to the Strategy Editor.



Under the Support menu you will find links to video guides, Help Center articles and our feedback forum where you can request a new feature.


Strategy Editor
We have added additional intelligence in order to make the strategy creation process more simple and more effective. The application now guides users through each step which helps to smooth out the creation process while also making it more intuitive. (We are still working on additional improvements which will be published asap).


My Account
All menus that are not trade-related can be found in the My Account menu in the top right of the screen. These include:


Activity Feed
The feed provides detailed trading related information on any action performed by your strategies and tracking of your actions in the application.

Should you require support, you can send a support request to the Tradeworks support team, and we will quickly work to assist you.

Trading Accounts
On this page you can add, edit or remove your MT4 trading accounts from Tradeworks.

My Account
See a quick overview of your account.


We hope this little guide will help you find your way around the new user interface. 



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