Working with Technical Indicators

Adding Technical Indicators to your trading strategy

Once you have created a strategy, to add an Indicator, click on the Indicators button.

Alternatively, you may add an indicator directly from the Signal rule by clicking on the "Indicator" drop down:

This will open the Indicator Editor screen.

Select an indicator from the list. Once selected, the editor will display the options available for customizing that particular indicator. In the above example, Bollinger Bands is the selected indicator, and the editor shows all the standard options for this indicator.

To recognize this indicator when writing Signal rules, give this indicator a meaningful, recognizable name, for example “Bbands 1m default”.


Multiple Time Frames

You can write strategies that monitor indicators across multiple time frames. For example, you can have a Bollinger Band indicator on the 1 Minute time-frame. And you can have a Moving Average on the 5 Minute time-frame. These indicators can, for example, be used in separate signal rules, or even in the same rule.

Editing Indicators

To edit an indicator, click on the indicators name, in the Strategy Editor screen. This will open the selected indicator in the Indicator Editor.

Note on editing indicators

As an indicator can be used in multiple rules, when you edit an indicator, all rules that use this indicator will be updated.

Real Time editing

You can change your indicator settings while your strategy is running. It is recommended, however, that you restart your strategy after making changes to any indicator settings.


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