Mean Reversion GOLD (Short only)

This strategy is a swing-trading strategy that uses a volatility filter, a price action pattern and two moving averages to define the trade setup. It is a mean reversion strategy that sells rallies in a downtrend.



This is a short-term, short-only strategy that trades on 1-hour bars. It does not trade very frequently, typically around once a week.


Indicator description

This strategy uses two indicators, a time-window and a price action pattern to trigger a buy order. It uses two moving averages - a fast one and a slow one – to define the trend and ADX as a volatility filter. ADX is used to quantify trend strength and it is based on a moving average of price range expansion over a given period of time. The strategy only trades when the ADX is above 20, indicating that there is a trend in the market.
Furthermore a time-window is implemented to ensure that the strategy only trades during the most profitable session.


Strategy description

Gold has a good tendency to mean revert when the specified entry conditions are met. The characteristics of this strategy is that it has a relatively low winrate, but the winning trades are bigger than the losing trades. We exit a short position either by our stop-loss of 200 pips, or if the previous bar closes below the bar 6 periods ago. The profits are therefore uncapped, and this makes the strategy anti-fragile.




Backtest is from february 2016 to February 2018. A spread of 3 points is utilized and starting equity is 10.000. 

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